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Statement of the Jury `Scholarship for Fine Arts by the city of Munich´ (2016)

(...) Keiyona Constanze Stumpf's sculptural works are about natural processes of growth and decease. In this young artist's comprehensive oeuvre, order and chaos as life's formative principles are omnipresent. Keiyona deals with basic natural forms and topics such as beauty, symmetry and ornamentation, thus creating objects faintly reminiscent of Baroque art; and oversized installations, that sprawl across the exhibition walls and into the room.

The artist skillfully works with various materials, such as plastic foil, gesso or paper, but has focused on ceramics and porcelain for the past years. These materials better correspond to her delicate and detailed wall objects. In their ornamentation and design vocabulary, they reflect the dainty Rococo style, thus presenting a tense ambivalence between her corporal, nature emulating subjects.

Keiyona's project "mutations" is expected to consist of six relief-like wall objects made of delicately glazed porcelain. These objects, at first associated with oversized amulets or rocaille, transform into peculiar, sprawling shapes, as if motivated by some autonomous inner processes, and seem to be moving within the room.

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